Main activities of Malios Associates Inc. are the preparation, supervision and management of research and studies, namely the enforcement of any scientific and technical work and research aimed directly or indirectly in manufacturing technical projects or designs, and visualization programs and methods for the wider area through the constructionAdditionally, the company’s goal is to provide an independent expert advice, conducting research and investigations related to the above.

The experience in the studies, and cooperation with related companies in Greece and abroad in key areas of construction and supervision, has provided credibility and confidence in the integrity of reporting and quality of services provided.


Malios Associates Inc. was established as individual office in 1977, partnership in 1984 and incorporated company in 1994. The company with registered offices in Athens is entered in the Register of Design Companies of the Ministry of Environment, Town-Planning and Public Works.

The company is based in privately–owned, comfortable, modern furnished offices of total area greater than 700 m2. Malios Associates Inc. offers an extensive range of specialist computer software (geotechnical programs, structural analysis, computer aided design) for effective analysis and presentation of reports, design and documents.

Over the last 30 years the firm has developed extensive activity in the design and construction of significant projects. Malios Associates Inc. has participated, not only in the stage of submission of tenders, but also in the stage of preparation of Final Designs and Consultancy during construction. The firm holds a very important position in the investigation, design and consultancy market regarding major technical works, with a distinct position regarding tunnel works. Malios Associates Inc., among others, have studied the two longest railway tunnels in Greece, the first being even the longest railway tunnel in the Balkans.


Malios Associates Inc. employs expert scientific staff on permanent basis, as well as competent technical personnel.

In Major Projects, Malios Associates Inc. keeps experienced scientific staff on site. Our engineering geologists obtain and handle the in-situ geological, geotechnical and geometrical data required for structural design. Therefore the efficiency, economy and accurate dimensioning can be controlled through all phases of the construction cycle.


The company is registered in the Registry Office of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks and holds consulting certificates in the following categories:

  • Category 08 «Structural Design Projects» class Ε
  • Category 10 «Road Construction & Transportation» class Α 
  • Category 20 «Geological Studies» class C
  • Category 21 «Geotechnical Studies and Investigations» class Ε
  • Category 27 «Environmental studies» class Α

The licensing system consists of five classes (A to E) according to the size of the projects (A being the lowest, E the Highest).