Major Domokos (ΣΓ26) Rail Bridge : Design against Seismic Faulting

I. Anastasopoulos, G. Gazetas, Y. Malios 

3rd Greek Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, Athens, 5-7 November 2008

Prestudy of Orthrys Big Railway Tunnel (ΣΣ6), Greece – Methodology for the selection of construction scheme.

O. Fillipas, G. Bertakis, P. Stylianos, Y. Malios

Underground construction, Conference and Exhibition , Olympia, London, UK, October 2005


Dodoni Tunnel in Karstic Limestone – Experience and Solutions

Y. Malios, G. Bertakis, I. Kasivelis

Felsbau – Rock and Soil Engineering, 3/2004


Athens Metro – Western Extension of Line 2 from Sepolia to Thivon Staion; NATM and OFS Tunnelling

P. Stylianos, O. Fillipas, G. Bertakis, Y. Malios

Underground construction, International Conference and Exhibition , London Docklands, UK, September 2003

Preliminary report on design and construction of Kallidromo twin railway tunnel

P. Stylianos, L. Pyrgiotis, Y. Malios

Underground construction, International Exhibition and Symposium , London Docklands, UK, September 2001

Design and construction of Platamonas double – track railway tunnel

Y. Malios , E. Giannoulas

Tunnel Construction & Piling, International  Symposium and Exhibition, Olympia, London, UK, September 1999

Geomechanical measurements of Timfristos Road Tunnel

G. Aggistalis, Y. Malios 

Tunneling, Ιnstitution of Mining and Metallurgy, 1997

Correlating uniaxial compressive strength with Schmidt hardness, point load index, Young’s modulus and mineralogy of gabbros and basalts (Northern Greece)

G. Aggistalis, A. Alivizatos, D. Stamoulis, G. Stournaras

Bulletin of the International Association of  Engineering Geology, October 1996

Design and construction of Metsovon Road Tunnel, Greece

Yannis Malios 

Tunneling, Ιnstitution of Mining and Metallurgy, 1994

Design and construction of the Pilot Tunnel for the Athens Metro 

Yannis P. Malios, Hans Konrad Gelzer

Felsbau – Rock and Soil Engineering, 4/1993