Malios Associates Inc. employs expert scientific staff on permanent basis, as well as competent technical personnel. The experience in the studies, and cooperation with related companies in Greece and abroad in key areas of construction and supervision, has provided credibility and confidence in the integrity of reporting and quality of services provided:

Tunnel Design

Bridge Design

Geotechnical Design

Geological Design

Geotechnical Investigation Field- Laboratory

Geotechnical Monitoring

Infrastructure Design

Consulting Services

Railway Design

Structural Design for Buildings and Public works

Planning, management and Supervision of significant projects

Environmental impact assessment


The company is specialized in tunnel and underground excavation design over the last 30 years. A specialist simulation software is used for excavation and support phases (finite elements analysis) while the tunnel construction is monitored on site by experienced scientific staff.


The design of bridges has recently become a very important part of the construction industry. The company is highly experienced in planning and designing road and railway bridges (conventional bridges, overpasses etc.) using advanced software adjusted for the requirements of each project.


Work is regularly undertaken in relation to:

  • Special foundations (bored piles, micropiles, diaphragm walls)
  • Retaining structures (walls, anchors, reinforced earth)
  • Ground improvement (remediation, pre-loading, dynamic compaction, grout injections)
  • Slope stability


The services offered by Malios Associates Inc. include, among others, geological studies (geological, structural, hydrogeological, geophysical), engineering geological mapping, engineering geological studies (data analysis and reporting, recommendations on difficulties encountered during construction).


Our geotechnical engineers are available to organize, supervise and carry out investigations including boreholes, trial pits, field tests throughout the country. The company is highly experienced in carrying out deep sampling boreholes using water drilling rigs and Wire-Line sampling instrumentation, as well as carrying out horizontal boreholes in tunnels. Boreholes that have been carried out during the excavation of Kallidromo tunnel were as deep as 515m using Wire-Line sampling instrumentation 95’’ in diameter. During drilling, various types of in situ tests are carried out (Maag and Lugeon tests, groundwater level monitoring etc.). The results are documented on daily borehole logs by our highly experienced scientific teams.


Malios Associates Inc. covers a full range of lab tests in soil and rock mechanics determining the physical and mechanical properties of soil and rock samples. All results are analysed to the highest standards and geotechnical evaluation reports are prepared.


Monitoring during tunneling as well as after the completion of underground works is part of a thorough geotechnical design. The company provides special services regarding the collection of geological, geotechnical and geometric data in order to continuously monitor the behaviour of the construction.